Poetry in motion sets Verso apart

Charl Wilken

Charl Wilken

Our used test car for this week is one of Toyota's most versatile products - the Corolla Verso.

It is one of the best products on offer in the MPV segment.

At first glance one could mistake the Verso for a large hatchback. It is essentially a true seven seater and boasts Toyota's Easy Flat 7-seating system that allows more than 10 different seating combinations.

Needles to say, this car is in pristine condition. The exterior and interior are spotless and the mileage is low for a vehicle that is almost two years old.

With the clock on 49000km one thing is certain - it will see the new owner piling on the kilometres for a long time to come.

Inside, the car is clean and doesn't show any sign of damage. The seats look great and do not have wear and tear marks.

And then, off course, you get that typical solid build quality that makes the latest generations of Toyotas so desirable.

All the controls are easy to operate and within easy reach.

What makes the Verso such an attractive package is that it doesn't look as dull as your ordinary mom's taxi. Clever ergonomics and the compactness of the vehicle make it easy to handle in traffic.

Space for a full number of occupants is above average and with the last row of seats folding down there is enough luggage capacity for longdistance travelling.

City driving was made easy and pleasant, thanks to easy gear changes and a light clutch. On the freeway the four-cylinder 1,6 VVT-i engine was comfortable at relatively high speeds.

Power output stands at a more than a fair 81kW and 150Nm of torque. Power gets delivered to the front wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox.

Standard equipment includes dual front airbags, ABS brakes, aircon, electric windows, power steering and a front loading CD-player.