Uti takes it like a man and life goes on

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Outspoken Nigerian housemate Uti, whose confidence became a thorn on his colleagues' side, finally got evicted from the Big Brother Africa 3 house on Sunday and was ready to tell the story before jetting out of South Africa.

Sounding upbeat, Uti conceded that his outburst two weeks ago when he was nominated for eviction for the first time might have been his undoing.

"I was trying to let off steam because, as you know, when you are in the house you hold everything in," Uti said, chuckling.

"I suppose it's a strategy that went off very wrong"

Outspoken to the point of arrogance, Uti questioned his nomination twice in a row when his name was called. As in the case of Lerato in BBA 2, who said the show would be bore if she left the house, Uti's remark could have been construed as being arrogant - leading to his summary eviction.

"I don't think so," Uti said. "It was more of a humorous question than arrogance. I like humour, so I made my joke lightly so as not to be weighed down by the stress of yet another nomination. I am out but it's okay. I suppose my major objectives in entering the Big Brother reality show was to use it as a stepping stone to the entertainment industry, having fun and a long holiday. I have always been interested in showbiz.

"I have appeared in a series called The Bachelor, a few video shoots and I am looking forward to dropping an album."