Mr Motsepe, discipline OJ very harshly

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Mamelodi Sundowns is a team that is envied by many people.

The Brazilians are rightfully regarded as trendsetters when it comes to signing renowned players. This has endeared club president Patrice Motsepe to a horde of Masandawana who proudly talk about their team everywhere they go.

But now the majority of supporters and people on the streets are watching developments surrounding the disappearance of Mbulelo Old-John Mabizela with keen interest.

They want to see how Motsepe will deal with the wayward defender. Mabizela strikes me as a player who is unrepentant.

He has been fined by the team before for his erratic acts but is at it again.

Motsepe should protect the integrity of his famed institution and deal harshly with the player to set a precedence.

I'm not judging Mabizela here because he is still to give the club management his side of the story, but what we are saying is that if he is found guilty he should be punished severely.

Did I hear somebody say he should be fired?

If Motsepe is serious about protecting the image of his team he should be merciless on this matter. He will have no reason to keep a player who is more likely to cause the team further embarrassment.

It appears that the so-called "heavy fines" imposed by clubs on players for misbehaving are not sufficient measures to deal with the problem.

Other players are unrepentant and no amount of fine will make them change their bad behaviour that always embarrasses the league and the sponsors.

What message will Motsepe send to disciplined players at the team if he retains Mabizela?

This is a very crucial time for SA football as the clock to 2010 is ticking fast and we can't allow a situation where potential Bafana Bafana players do as they please in their teams and the national squad.

Many people who know you well, Mr Motsepe, say you are a disciplinarian. So deal with Mabizela as a true disciplinarian.

We are watching!