Montjane rules on

Linda Moreotsene

Linda Moreotsene

South Africa's top ranked player in wheelchair tennis, Kgothatso Montjane has reconfirmed her superiority in this event, winning the women's final of the ACSA Free State Wheelchair tennis open.

Montjane, who hails from Limpopo, notched a 6-1 6-1 straight sets victory over Nancy Moremi in Bloemfontein on Sunday, ensuring her superiority in the game.

She has been occupying the number one seed for the past few years.

The director of Wheelchair Tennis South Africa, Holger Losch, said the future looks very bright, since the association was hard at work preparing players for the next Paralympic Games, which will be held in London in 2012.

The best African player, Zimbabwean Nyasha Mharakurwa, was the winner of the men's singles final, which took place yesterday morning.

With an emphatic 6-4, 6- 0 win, Mharakurwa dashed South Africa's number 3 Desmond Monyamane's hopes of a home victory.

"I feel really proud to have won the tournament. The whole tournament has been a great experience for me.

"The competition was tough but I am really glad to have come out on top," says Mharakurwa.

Despite losing, Monyamane was proud of his achievement as a runner up.

"I feel pretty good. Playing in finals was a great experience for me. I think I played a good first set, but by the second set I lost concentration and couldn't manage to lift my game," says Monyamane.