Security guard, police clash over ATM cash

Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

A security guard has been arrested in Soweto for allegedly interfering with police duties.

According to police spokesman Captain Nomvula Mbense, the 35-year-old guard was on duty on Saturday when he responded to a call that an ATM machine had been vandalised inside a supermarket in Orlando, Soweto.

She said would-be robbers damaged the machine and then left without taking any money.

"The criminals could not access the cash which was inside it," she said.

Mbense said when the guard arrived at the supermarket he encountered police officers who allowed him to open the machine.

The guard confirmed that there was cash inside the machine.

"The guard then decided to take the money to his office to count, much against the orders of our members," she said.

Mbense said the officers on the scene had demanded that the money be taken to the police station to be counted there, but the guard had defied this order and was arrested for defeating the ends of justice.

"He did not cooperate with our orders hence we arrested him," she said.

"It was our duty to know how much money was stored inside the machine as that was part of our investigations."

Mbense said the guard was expected to appear in the Orlando magistrate's court today.