Cops mount search for murder suspect Khumalo

WANTeD: Mancane Emmanuel Khumalo
WANTeD: Mancane Emmanuel Khumalo

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

The Mpumalanga police have launched an intensive manhunt for an alleged murderer, armed robber and prison escapee.

The 30-year-old fugitive, identified as Mancane Emmanuel Khumalo, is wanted in connection with at least three armed house robberies, murder, two attempted murders and escaping from lawful police custody.

Some of the crimes he is linked with were allegedly committed after his escape from police custody in KaNyamazane on April 26.

The police had taken him there so that he could point out some of his accomplices. A firearm was allegedly used in the crimes he was arrested for.

The first case Khumalo is wanted for involved a house robbery at Machadodorp on March 2 2008. A local businessman and his family were robbed of cash and cigarettes at gunpoint.

On April 4 2008 he allegedly assaulted a Machadodorp couple with a garden spade and a mattock (a combination of a hoe and pick) during a house robbery.

A man identified only as Mr Wastl sustained head injuries and underwent brain surgery. He is still receiving treatment.

Captain Leonard Hlathi said after his escape from police custody Khumalo and his accomplices allegedly shot and killed a farmworker, kidnapped a female farmer and forced her into her vehicle.

On a dirt road the female farmer allegedly grabbed the steering wheel. The vehicle overturned and the gunmen fled on foot. Police found a revolver belonging to Wastl.

Hlathi said on May 25 Khumalo allegedly assaulted and robbed a Machadodorp woman of her cellphone and a bag full of clothes.

A case of attempted murder was registered at Waterval Boven on July 29 after Khumalo and another man fired at the manager of Tudor Estates but missed.

The following day, the two men kicked down the door of a house in Waterval Boven and demanded money, food and clothes. A complainant was shot three times.

The description of the attacker given by almost all the victims fitted that of Khumalo. They also identified him from photographs.

Hlathi appealed to the public to help the police with information about to Khumalo's whereabouts.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Captain Welcome Gcabashe on 082-319-3481 or Constable Philemon Nkosi on 073-60- 0357.