Rest in peace Teko

Kenosi Modisane

Kenosi Modisane

Were we responsible for our comings and goings to the hereafter I would say yours was bad timing.

Yes, death is sudden but yours was just too quick. In fact, too sudden to contemplate considering the trauma the family has been experiencing.

We had just buried your cousin Mojaki in Mafikeng. Your elder brother Bra Schoolboy had just left hospital and I had just been through a life-saving operation, which according to the doctors was a life-and-death matter.

I had just enquired about you the day before you passed on. I had wanted to know if you were aware that I was out of hospital so that I should schedule a meeting with you.

I wanted to talk about what you had said was a problem you needed to discuss with me the last time we met before I was hospitalised.

In the middle of this traumatic experience the family has learnt a valuable lesson - the existence of God and His power above life and mankind.

As if rehearsed, all of us have said in consolation to the other - it is true that one will only go when God desires. We have accepted that your time to leave this world had been pre-determined by your Maker.

What we appreciate is that in these days when ailments are "eating people alive" you left us in the healthy physical shape we have always known you to enjoy.

Your friends and fellow caddies at CMR Golf Course were left numb with shock when they heard of your passing. The gang at house 827F Tshipa Street, Zone One Meadowlands, have also not recovered from your sudden departure.

But they have all found consolation in what you would always tell them: "Don't worry about me. If I die I will be covered and will leave you with zero problems."

Teko, my broer, my laaitie, my uncle - I don't know what to call you - rest in peace.

Modisane will be buried tomorrow at Doornkop Cemetery, Soweto. The service at his home in Meadowlands, starts at 8am.