thanks for the wheels, stranger

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

In a well-orchestrated move, a syndicate purchased a new car valued at R470000 using a stolen identity document.

A man arrived with the stolen ID at Combined Motor Holdings (CMH) in Midrand and purchased a new Nissan Navara.

After finalising the required paperwork he drove off in the black four-wheel drive.

But his luck ran out when the bank called the rightful owner of the ID to ask if he was enjoying his new set of wheels.

Speaking to Sowetan yesterday, the 25-year-old man from Soweto said he was shocked when he got a call from an employee at Standard Bank regarding the car.

He said: "I told the bank that I did not buy any car.

"It is shocking that these people managed to buy such an expensive car with my ID because I have such a low credit rating."

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was now living in fear because someone had leaked his personal information to the syndicate.

"I am overcommitted. I drive a Jeep Cherokee and that is where my whole salary is going.

"With petrol so expensive I'd be crazy to think of buying a V6 engine," he said.

An employee of CMH said when the management became aware of the fraud they moved swiftly and phoned the suspect to come and collect outstanding documents.

She said they were surprised when the car's "new owner" arrived with a gang of five suspicious-looking men.

"Others came in a stolen BMW. But unfortunately for them we had tipped off the police and they were rounded up in the showroom," she said.

The Midrand police are investigating a case of fraud against the gang.

Standard Bank could not be reached for comment.