Give your son a room of his own

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

For most parents decorating teenage boys' rooms is a real challenge.

You want to create a room he'll be happy in but you don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money on decorations he might soon lose interest in.

According to Amanda Jones, a Johannesburg psychologist, most boys prefer a tough yet "cool" look both for themselves and their rooms.

"When you decorate your son's bedroom look at his interests, hobbies and personality. What does he love?

Whether he is a sports nut or an animal lover, you can create a room that he will be happy to call his own. It is important to aim at making your teenage boy feel safe, comfortable, stimulated and, most of all, happy in his environment," Jones says.

She advises parents to involve their teenage boys wherever possible in the whole process.

"You should allow them to have a say in what colours, theme and designs they want included in the decorating as well as what kind of furniture they want. Let them choose within budget limits."

According to Alan Bryans, an interior decorator, a teenage boy's bedroom makeover should be a reflection of his unique persona- lity.

"The most important thing is to select certain colour options that best suit your children's rooms at the various stages of their lives," Bryans says.

"It's important to reflect your child's developing personality and evolving tastes."

There are a number of different decorating ideas you can explore and one of these will hopefully produce a room that he will enjoy:


Bryans says it is a good idea to paint the walls of your teen's room in deep or vibrant colours (such as purple or blue) and then to use lighter coloured furniture that will provide accent to the walls.

Wall art and shelving

For art and shelving he advises parents to look for murals with a sports or motor sport theme.

"Don't forget to add shelving in order to display their trophies," he advises.


When it comes to bedding for a teenage boy's bedroom it's always wise for parents to pick up colours from elsewhere in the bedroom or to go with the same type of theme used in the mural or other items of wall art.

"For example if your teen's room is based on a 'surf' theme you could paint the walls in an ocean blue colour and then cover them with surf and surfer murals," Bryans says.

"There are plenty of places where you can buy bedding that will perfectly match the theme you have chosen.

"Or why not go for a solid colour theme to the room and use other colours in small amounts to enhance the overall design of the room?"

Study area

When decorating your teen's bedroom, include an area for him to study.

Each teen has a different way of studying and there are many different types of table available to suit your particular teen's study needs.