Mbeki, Zuma hail women

Eric Naki

President Thabo Mbeki and ANC president Jacob Zuma paid tribute to all generations of women for their contributions to liberation struggle.

The two said women's dedication to the values and goals of the struggle continue to inspire many young women even today.

Zuma praised the constitutional court for its June 4 judgement that favoured a woman, Tinyiko Namitwa-Shilubana, as chief of Valoyi tribe in Limpopo over her male cousin.

"That is a victory not only for women but for our country. The right of succession can no longer be determined by gender.

"We applaud our constitutional court judges for such a progressive step that takes our country forward," Zuma said.

Addressing women during the Women's Day celebrations at Zuka Baloi Stadium in Welkom in the Free State on Saturday, Zuma acknowledged that there were still problems in the implementation of gender equity within the ANC.

"We are not perfect even in our articulation of gender equity questions as individual ANC members," he said.

"We might make mistakes along the way but the ANC goals and objectives are very clear and sound and will lead us in the right direction."

Speaking at the Women's Day celebrations at Ga-Motlatla, in North West, Mbeki said while the country's parliament is ranked 10th out of 130 parliaments in the world in women's representation but still more had to be done.

"Forty three percent of the members of cabinet are women," Mbeki said.

Four of the nine provinces are led by women premiers. At local government level 40percent of councillors are women and three of our six metros are led by women mayors."