PAC splinter group defies order

Eric Naki

Members of a new PAC formation led by former general secretary Thami Ka Plaatjie are in contempt of court for defying an order forbidding them from using the organisation's name and logo.

PAC national executive committee member, Apa Pooe, said the breakaway group proceeded with their meeting, held at Botshabelo in the Free State, despite the PAC having obtained an interdict from the Bloemfontein high court against them.

The interdict prohibited them from holding the meeting under the banner and name of the PAC.

It further stopped them from holding it under the pretext that it was a PAC national congress, and they were not to issue statements as the PAC leadership.

Those cited in the interdict are Ka Plaatjie, Khoisan X, Clarence Makwetu, Mawabo Sijila, Manelisi Luxande, Chardin Mabaso and the national co-ordinating committee.

Pooe, who accompanied a sheriff to Botshabelo on Saturday morning, said they arrived early before the meeting started and waited outside.

Ka Plaatjie and others arrived and the interdict was served on some of the leaders.

But, Ka Plaatjie allegedly ran away without receiving his document.

"The sheriff decided to paste the interdict papers on the door of the venue and at the gate in terms of his procedures.

"We learnt later that the meeting went ahead despite the court order and despite the fact that we got an assurance from the security people at the place that it would not be a PAC meeting but a residents' meeting," said Pooe.

He said a PAC flag was used and the gathering was held as a PAC meeting in contravention of the interdict.

Pooe said the sheriff told them to go and lay a charge of contempt of court which they did.

"When we arrived with the police, we were blocked at the gate by the security people.

"There was a bit of a scuffle, but the police decided not to force their way into the hall."

Ka Plaatjie, who was elected as an interim president of the new PAC with four other members, said they were not in contempt of court because the interdict did not prevent them from gathering.