Ido Lekota

Ido Lekota

ANC president Jacob Zuma will have to wait until next month to hear whether his application to have the graft charges against him thrown out of court is successful.

Yesterday Judge Chris Nicholson said in the Pietermaritzburg high court that he would make a ruling on Zuma's application on September 12.

Nicholson also set December 8 as the provisional date for Zuma's trial to resume.

The judge's ruling on September 12 could have certain implications for Zuma's case.

The first scenario is that the court rules against Zuma's application. The court could also deny Zuma the right to appeal. This would mean the trial will resume, in keeping with Chief Justice Pius Langa's comments last week that accused persons should not delay the start of a trial.

On the other hand the court could afford Zuma the right to appeal, in which case he will lodge his appeal in the supreme court of appeal, according to Shadrack Gutto, a constitutional law expert.

If the court rules in favour of Zuma, the state will have to consult Zuma about his prosecution.