Motaung is sitting pretty

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

Former Lesedi FM presenter Thuso Motaung says he is getting his life back and that he is giving small radio stations the benefit of his vast broadcasting experience.

He said yesterday that many of his assets, confiscated by the state, were being returned to him.

Motaung, his wife Mamontha and business partner Joshua Ramme were acquitted by the Johannesburg commercial crimes court in March of defrauding the SABC of R32 million in airtime sales.

His properties were attached and millions of rands in bank accounts frozen by the state during the trial.

A former presenter of the popular Makgulong a Matala show on Lesedi FM, Motaung said: "After all I went through I have learnt to be patient.

"My assets are being returned to me and I am gradually getting my life back," Motaung said.

"I am also continuing to preach the word of God when invited to do so."