Rapist robber gets 47 years

Michael Sakuneka

Michael Sakuneka

A Limpopo man has been sentenced to 47 years behind bars after he was found guilty by the Bolobedu magistrate's court of armed robbery, rape and theft.

Sello Eric Ndove, 42, of Mollong village in Bolobedu, was arrested earlier this year for several crimes he had committed during a reign of terror in the area.

He had terrorised communities around Bolobedu by breaking into their houses, stealing valuable items, raping women and robbing people at gunpoint.

Police spokesman Captain Freddy Maenetja said Ndove was sentenced to 15 years for armed robbery, another 15 for rape and 15 more for housebreaking and theft. During his reign of terror, Ndove was shot three times on separate occasions by angry people who caught him committing some of the crimes in their homes.