SAAB to unveil new all-wheeler

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Saab is adding an exciting new all-wheeler to its range.

Traction, the ability to grip on to the tarmac without slipping, is a vital requirement for a performance car.

An all-wheel-drive system (AWD) is generally accepted to be the best way to achieve this. Saab has set the benchmark in all-wheel-drive performance with their new XWD (Cross Wheel Drive) system.

Aimed at the enthusiast, XWD is an intelligent, permanent all-wheel-drive system that gives optimum handling, stability and grip in all driving conditions - from fast bends to slower corners and in dry as well as wet weather.

Saab's XWD incorporates a preemptive engagement of the rear wheels optimising traction at take-off. This also eliminates the need to detect front-wheel slip before engaging the rear wheels.

The system provides a sure-footed driving experience but without necessarily reducing the fun element.

The set-up is configured in such a way that the threshold at which the Electronic Stability Control throttle is triggered is raised and up to 70percent of the torque can be transferred to the rear wheels to keep the car balanced on exiting a bend under hard acceleration, allowing for close driver involvement.

For even more fun and involvement, an active rear limited-slip differential (eLSD) is an option with the XWD.

The first application of an electronically-controlled, rear LSD in this segment of the market, the eLSD can transfer up to 50percent of maximum torque available to the rear axle to whichever wheel has more grip.

The XWD system will be available locally in limited numbers (on the Saab Turbo X) from September this year.