Ndlovu, 30, has dreams for youths

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

Mlungisi Ndlovu is a rural child at heart. He has simple values but great dreams.

He celebrated his 30th birthday on Friday and his present to himself was holding a careers day event for unemployed youths in his home village of Wembezi in Estcourt.

"I want to instil hope in the youth," Ndlovu said. "I see so much pain and suffering.

"I owe it to my community and country to make a difference."

He said he had for most of his life belonged to youth structures but felt he had not done anything substantial.

Ndlovu is passionate about developing the youth in his community.

The former HR manager in the health department recently made the move to the private sector.

"I have been fortunate," he said. "But now I feel it's payback time for me.

"Our youth subscribe to alcohol 24/7. They leave school as early as grade 8. Others get infected with HIV-Aids and die without receiving treatment.

"We have a very high unemployment rate."