Makwela a man of God

Tokoloho Thoahlane

Tokoloho Thoahlane

Pastor Harry "Brother" Makwela of Meadowlands was run over by a taxi last week, a tragic end to a man who had dedicated his life to serving others.

After answering the call to God's ministry, Makwela's life revolved around those he served.

A popular programme director at weddings, funerals and tombstone unveilings, he dedicated most of his time to spreading the word of God.

He preached at schools, clinics, Christian gatherings and meetings.

"Brother was a soldier who died with his boots on," said his cousin, Shimmy Mpofu.

"He was indeed a man of integrity."

Makwela was born in Meadowlands, Soweto, on April 6 1964.

He is survived by his father, brother and two sisters.

He will be buried tomorrow at Avalon Cemetery after a service at Mabelane Church in Meadowlands at 7am.