ANC must unmask bribers

As Limpopo prepares for the ANC provincial conference, many disgusting things are happening, especially at the branches.

These include fist fights, assaults, disrupting nomination meetings and generally sabotaging branches that do not belong to a particular camp.

But the most disturbing part of these shenanigans is the bribery and the rise of tribalism in campaigns for personal and factional advancement.

The province has since 1994 successfully managed to unite all the people of Limpopo, regardless of cultural and traditional backgrounds.

With the election of Premier Sello Moloto we have seen this unity of purpose being fortified at all levels.

And there is no point in forsaking this unity at the altar of ethno-tribal moguls.

Unfortunately there are threats to reverse essential aspects of our struggle.

This is not surprising and is typical of leaders who employ these shameful strategies as soon as they realise they lack support from the people.

The people of Limpopo have always been tolerant of each other.

There is no reason now to be fragmented in disunity drummed up by people who have nothing to lose but their ill-gained business empires.

Delegates to the ANC conference should be vigilant of these unscrupulous people masquerading as bona fide leaders.

As for those who dish out money to the ANC membership, the leadership of the organisation must unmask and take action against them.

The ANC cannot be sold to the highest bidder. As citizens of this province we pray that sanity and unity will prevail.

Justice Kgoale, Lenting village