Tale of strong-willed woman

Zukiswa Wanner's second black chick literature book narrates a tale of Nobantu, a woman who seems to have it all.

She has a rich businessman for a husband, Andile, two children and a great circle of friends.

Yet she is not satisfied.

We are introduced to Nobantu on her 35th birthday when her husband presents her with a luxury car and other gifts.

Despite this, she realises that her life is missing just that one important element. She has lost herself in motherhood and marriage and therefore has forgotten her dreams and ambitions.

So, to the horror of her parents and husband, she starts her own business. Behind Every Successful Man follows on Wanner's first book -The Madams - in deconstruction of the balance of power in rich people's relationships.

However, Wanner fails to take Nobantu's story further and does little to try and keep the reader interested in a story that they have read or heard about many times before. If you want something worthwhile to read, then Wanner's book is not for you.