Three die in hit-and-run road horror

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Three people died instantly when a speeding driver lost control of his vehicle and ploughed into unsuspecting pedestrians on the notorious Moloto Road in KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga.

Authorities say a number of pedestrians were waiting for a bus at the side of the road at about 6am on Saturday when the incident happened.

Some pedestrians screamed when the speeding car veered in their direction and hit some of the people waiting for the bus.

The driver fled the scene, leaving the the car behind.

Mpumalanga department of roads and transport spokesman Vukane Mnyandu said the driver was driving a car belonging to a friend's father.

"The men had apparently spent the night drinking and in the morning one of them asked his friend if he could borrow his father's car," Vukane Mnyandu said.

"When the man reached the R573 road he lost control of the bakkie and hit three pedestrians who were waiting for the bus."

He said the culprit then fled the accident scene and by late yesterday was still at large.

"The culprit is known and the police net will close in on him very soon," Mnyandu said.

It is not clear whether there were any other passengers in the car that was being driven by the suspect.