Small numbers mean quality

The Million Man March was not a success as far as numbers are concerned. The low turnout has been blamed on the campaign's vague objectives and poor marketing.

Others attribute the dismal turnout to the march being held on a weekday.

Are these the reasons or is it that the scourge of crime is not high on the priority list of people who usually attend marches?

Unemployment is so high that any weekday in the townships is like a holiday. Perhaps many did not attend because there was no free transport like that the government provides on Freedom Day and January 8 when the ANC celebrates its founding?

Or on 21 March and 16 June when the masses are given big parties and concerts to desecrate the solemn days simply because the ANC did not organise these historic days?

I was taken aback when the media, especially TV, including Leanne Manas of Morning Live, downplayed the low turnout.

These are the same people and institutions who measure success by numbers and size. They have always judged the PAC by numbers and ridiculed it for drawing few supporters.

They never concede that the small numbers represent quality because they don't identify with the PAC. But they can't have their cake and eat it.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso