Referees give low salaries the red card

Meshack Motloung

Meshack Motloung

The National Referees Committee (NRC) will engage the Premiership in an effort to address the problems of remuneration of referees.

NRC chairman Kirsten Nematendani said yesterday that though they received an increment last season they were still negotiating another increase for their members.

He said a referee earns R2500 a game and assistant referee R1800, with a stipend of R2000 a month across the board, whether he or she officiated or not.

Asked if they were happy with the remuneration, Nematendani said: "Who is happy about his salary?"

Referees Review Committee chairman Steve Goddard and internationally acclaimed referee Andile Ncobo said their members were not happy with the remuneration .

"And the incentives are not enough too," said Goddard.

Ncobo chose to put his faith in the ongoing negotiations.

" It's a process and I think if we get a match fee of R5000 per game it will be much better because some of our members are unemployed," Ncobo said.

But he acknowledged that it was the first time in South African football that they were getting a monthly stipend, even during the off-season, which was not bad.

Meanwhile, Nematendani said they will conduct a week-long seminar for referees in Johannesburg next month where they will try a number of new tactics.

"We're going to acquire all the recorded Premiership matches, from the English Premier League and other league games around the world and see how the referees handle those games. This will also help our referees to know when to take a decision during league games," he said.

He said that during the seminar they would also focus on the psychological approach of referees .

Goddard added that there were a few whistlemen who were suspended last season for failing to impress, but he declined to reveal why their names were not released to the media.