Celebrating 100 years of success

Amanda Ngudle and Zenoyise Madikwa

Amanda Ngudle and Zenoyise Madikwa

The Converse shoe draws its breath from the same cosmos that inspired great icons such as the legendary Beatles, Cito, James Dean, Common, Dion Chang, Proverb, DJ Sbu, HHP and Unathi.

This year marks 100 years since the Converse shoe brand emerged in 1908 aimed at basketball.

As part of the celebrations Converse has chosen local icons to be semi-ambassadors for the brand.

There is no reason to market the brand, though, the Converse - or All Star shoe as many know it - has been here and will be here long after we have departed.

Township electric lines bear witness to this. In every township there are at least 20 electric lines with such shoes, the life span of which has come to an end, hanging from them.

"Its like basking in the sun forever and there's nothing cooler," says Vusi "Mavusane" Mbhele, a street hawker from Alexandra.

The streetwise say this new trend is to salute the synergy between the coolness of the shoe and street life. It is also to celebrate the durability of the shoe.

An excited HHP told Sowetan that it was an honour for him to be part of the Converse campaign.

"It is as if I have come full circle. I used to be sponsored by the brand but they later dropped me for Phillip Ndou.

"I'm happy to be back in this exciting campaign. It feels good to be associated with such a brand."

The campaign will showcase on billboards and print and other media.