Government and citizens to blame for purge

I'm embarrassed to be a South African right now.

I'm embarrassed to be a South African right now.

The killing of our foreign friends is not only cruel and inhumane but also shows a serious absence of the spirit of pan-Africanism and ignorance among South Africans about Africa and African affairs.

If black South Africans understood the everyday struggles that Africans throughout Africa face, they would be more sympathetic to our brothers and sisters from across our borders.

Black South Africans also have a poor concept of what being black and being African means. They think it means living only in townships and speaking local languages

And they somehow think they are different from and better than Africans from across our borders, which is a fallacy.

I also blame the government for not taking serious action to stop the purge. Government official are only interested in making pleas and speeches from their ivory towers and on television, but actually do nothing concrete to address the problem. In essence, they think African lives are cheap.

This is a shameful state of affairs and it seems our government is waiting for the killings to reach genocidal proportions before doing something.

Our government's support of Robert Mugabe shows that they don't really care about the welfare of Zimbabweans here or in that country.

Lucian Hlophe, Daveyton