Big, powerful and a lot of fun

Charl Wilken

Charl Wilken

Having a car as big as the XC90 with a very powerful V8 engine driving through all four wheels, you just know it's going to be fun.

With this as background, we decided to do our used car test this week on a car that is not only regarded as the safest in the world, but also provides some of the best riding qualities possible.

The XC90 is without doubt the king of all Volvos and when it comes to ride quality and versatility, with safety added, one would have to go a long way to find a better package.

On the outside the car is as clean and scratch-free as a new vehicle. On the inside the classical simplicity of the control panel and leather interior gives one a warm welcome.

The sport seats in front are very supportive, look as good as they feel and are electronically adjustable.

This is a five-seater model with a massive luggage capacity and loads of space for five adults to sit comfortably.

With a relatively high roofline, even tall passengers or drivers won't have a problem.

Saying that the XC90 is a big vehicle doesn't mean that it is difficult to master the handling in traffic or in the city.

Our model comes with the largest capacity engine in the range, a 4,4-litre V8.

The engine is so smooth and powerful it could be mistaken for a performance car engine. It produces a massive 232kW and 440Nm mated with a six-speed automatic transmission to deliver power to all four wheels.

This means the XC90 will reach the 100km/h mark in less than eight seconds.

Some of the luxurious features include laminated windows, Park Distance Control (PDC), bi-Xenon lights, multi-function steering wheel, climate control and on-board computer.

On the safety side there are six airbags in the cabin, ABS-brakes with electronic brake distribution and stability control.