Bad boy walks out with her 'friends'

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

Picture this. Girl meets boy and they fall in love. Girl introduces boy to her friends and boy does the same.

But girl doesn't hang out with boy's friends because they are all losers. Even when she braves it, boy's losers have pointless conversations. Meanwhile boy is revelling in her buddies and is getting hooked on girl's circle of friends as if he didn't have his own.

Some months later girl discovers boy was cheating from day one.

Girl gets mad and goes crying her eyeballs out at friends' place. Though they fail to conceal their annoyance, they stick it out and and hand her their last tissues.

Girl decides to go cry on her shrink's couch. That works. Girl is on the mend and starts seeing boy as nothing more than her jerk in shining armour.

A few weeks later, girl thinks she has been hit by lightning when she hears boy will be best man at the wedding of one of her friends. Profanities fly and she feels like the missing link, and thus drinks herself silly.

Something tells her it can't be true. No way in hell they would make the jerk their best man.

Girl remembers telling the friends about his betrayal and what it did to her self-esteem. So she concludes it's just a cruel rumour.

Still, she decides to put herself out of her misery by asking. She does and the groom-to-be basically tells her to go hang without using one word.

Girl gets furious. It's a betrayal of no description.

Is girl really so needy to expect her friends to stand by her? With friends like these, clearly girl doesn't need enemies.

My take is no matter how tight a circle of friends she belongs to, it's only natural for friends to support the recipient of dirt.

But the most disturbing thing happened when girl tried to raise a riot over the role granted to boy.

She wrote to groom-to-be and said: "I see your loyalty towards him remains unshaken.

"I just find it odd that you would stand by someone who put a bullet in my heart and danced in my blood."

Groom-to-be goes silent and continues with his wedding plans. Girl already knows her invitation will get lost in the post.

But I keep telling girl that people always reap what they sow. She has lost bad boy and indifferentfriends. Why should she cry? .

I told her the story of Judas, that it was all in the big plan and in time all will be revealed.

She says she cannot wait.

Patience is a virtue, I say. I've been there, it doesn't take a sangoma to figure these things out.