Eyes are in for winter

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

The chilly weather is here. People not only have to change their skin care routine, but their eye make-up bag needs a makeover too.

According to Faith Seoue, a Johannesburg make-up artist, 72 percent of women say their eyes are their favourite facial feature.

"Eyes reveal joy and euphoria as much as they uncover sadness," Seoue says. "This season eyes have gained importance."

She advises that during the day eye make-up should be softer and in the evening stronger. Smoky eyes are in.

"You can get that smoky look in plum colours," she says. "The trend in eyebrows is towards a fuller, more natural look.

"Gone are the days of heavily plucked, thin brows. They've been replaced by full, thick, natural brows.

"Lashes are fuller and longer than ever, complemented by multiple coats of dark mascara to play up the look of smouldering, sultry eyes."

How to achieve the smoky look for eyes? Seoue says one can use a vibrant eye shadow with a metallic finish.

"Pick a metallic eye shadow in a rich green or other vibrant colour," she suggests.

"Line your eyes with a matching shimmer pencil and smudge the line. Then go over the line with your metallic eye shadow."

What are the ingredients for eye make-up?

"The main make-up components for eyes are mascara , eye shadow and usually eyeliner, though sometimes pressed powder or a light foundation will work wonders for circles under the eyes."

Seoue says the approach to eye make-up and choice of colours for eye shadow should suit the shape and colour of the eyes.

"The most essential trick is that light colours highlight spots, dark colours tone them down," she says. "I always advise extra moisture around the eye area to make the skin softer and shiny.

"Winter is dry. A good moisturising foundation is a must-have." - www.womenhealthguide.com