'I can make this case disappear'

Thuli Zungu

Thuli Zungu

The Zimbabwean businessman who is being probed over his alleged illegal tender transactions worth millions of rands has bragged that he has powers to quash any evidence the police have.

After reading the story in the Sowetan on Wednesday, exposing his alleged fraudulent transactions, Collin Taderera allegedly called Pretty Mthimkhulu, his former employee who blew the whistle.

"I have financial muscle and can make this case disappear," he told her.

This could imply that he has friends who occupy powerful positions.

Taderera, who allegedly conned his way into more than R50 million worth of contracts using an unsuspecting woman as a front, has since Monday tried desperately to make contact with Mthimkhulu with a view to trying "to work things out".

He phoned several times, even leaving messages asking Mthimkhulu to bring her attorney along to resolve the matter, but she declined because the commercial crime unit has barred her from talking to Taderera while the matter is being probed.

The harassment only stopped yesterday after Mthimkhulu told Taderera the police had warned her not to talk to him.

"He then told me that he had financial muscle and would make my case disappear," Mthimkhulu said.

She said Taderera had initially left her an sms thanking her for the page one story that appeared in Sowetan detailing his alleged fraudulent transactions.

He further asked her to contact him as soon as she received his message, saying that after all they were not enemies.

Mthimkhulu said she had not been able to sleep since Taderera's calls, fearing for her life. Her mother Khanyisile said she was also worried about her daughter's life.

She said her entire family was devastated.