Zuma apprehensive about Zimbabwe

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

ANC president Jacob Zuma says the situation in Zimbabwe is worrying and that the rule of law must be complied with and enforced.

"We once again register our apprehension about the situation in Zimbabwe," Zuma said at the annual general meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry South Africa in Boksburg yesterday.

"The delay in the verification process and release of results increases anxiety each day," Zuma said.

"We urge the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to work closely with affected parties to resolve the impasse without delay."

The ANC, he said, reiterated the SADC's call to the ZEC to ensure strict compliance with the rule of law and the SADC's principles and guidelines governing democratic elections.

"The region cannot afford a deepening crisis in Zimbabwe.

"The situation is more worrying now, given the reported violence that has erupted in the country," Zuma said.

Reutersreported that a Harare court was yesterday expected to rule on an application by the opposition MDC to block a recount of votes cast in 23 out of 210 constituencies in the March 29 elections.