It helps to be professional

When you choose your niche market, pick the area of expertise that you are most comfortable with and which has the biggest market.

When you choose your niche market, pick the area of expertise that you are most comfortable with and which has the biggest market.

While you may be quite accomplished and comfortable in several different areas, avoid spreading yourself too much by taking on many different tasks.

For you to be successful in the sewing business, you must have the expertise and adequate knowledge.

If you focus on curtains, you must know the best materials, the latest styles and fabrics to create the curtains your client wants. If you intend to start a bridal gown sewing business, you must know everything about wedding gowns and also keep checking the latest trends.

Your sewing skills must be excellent, if not the best. If your work is less than superior, keep improving it and constantly learn all the newest methods.

Only when you are serious about your work and prepared to go the extra mile will you succeed. Remember, it also takes time to build a name for oneself in this business.

Like any other business, you should also take time to research and test-market your product, or service ideas to determine whether your venture has a market potential.

Writing a business plan, even if you are not looking for outside financing, is a crucial step to help you focus and think through your business.

This exercise will force you to determine your client base, identify their needs and find ways to reach them.

You will have to answer questions such as where and how you will sell your products or services and who your competition is.

You will also need to find out about business permits, traffic considerations, sign regulations and a lot more.

You must check if there are any zoning restrictions in your area that prohibits hanging a sign on your own property.

Given that this is a people's business where you really need to see your customers, especially for fittings and consultations, you must check the rules with regard to traffic.

Your neighbourhood zoning rules may prohibit the constant coming and going of customers to your house.

In some cases, even though you think you are operating within the bounds of the law, your neighbours may find your business a disturbance and complain to the authorities.

Therefore, it is very important to check the rules and possibly also talk to your neighbours and hear their feelings about it.

This is important because you might sometimes need to use their parking, especially when you run your business in a residential area.