mr staff stiffed, never pushed

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

A budding artist is crying foul after he was allegedly physically thrown off the stage "to make way for Elvovo to perform" during the Ligwala- gwala FM 26th birthday bash on Saturday.

Afro pop singer Zolani Staff, also known as Mr Staff, says he was scheduled to perform after Malini, but was surprised when Ligwalagwala FM deejay, MC Gugu Nyarenda, "told me that I was not popular enough and was not going to perform even though I was part of the line-up".

"My music was switched off and my CD was taken out of the CD player while I was starting to perform. After that Elvovo and his entourage physically pushed me off the stage."

Elvovo told Sowetan that he did not "even remember seeing any Mr Staff". He said he was told by the stage manager to just come in and perform.

Prokelly spokesman Prosper Mkwaiwa said his company was "very aggrieved by Ligwalagwala FM's actions".

" We packed our things and left for Joburg that very night. It was disgusting."

Ligwalagwala FM station manager Rio Mabunda dismissed claims that Mr Staff was physically manhandled.

"We stopped him from performing because he didn't follow the schedule. He was never touched physically."