HRC ruling on FBJ is appalling

The Human Rights Commission is sick and confused.

I am appalled by its judgement against the Forum for Black Journalists (FBJ) - that its blacks-only badge can't be tolerated.

Blacks don't need the blessing of whites in whatever we do. We are tired of being treated as if we can't think for ourselves, and about ourselves.

What about the freedom of association clause? Whites have been meeting alone, too, even under the new dispensation, without any problems.

They do so on Reconciliation Day at the Voortrekker Monument and blacks don't complain. They don't want blacks in Orania. What do the human rights custodians have to say about that? It seems as if only whites have human rights in South Africa.

White journos complain because they were not allowed to analyse, misquote, observe and give opinions about Jacob Zuma as he sings his way back to the Union Buildings.

All South Africans have the right to organise and white journos must start organising themselves.

If the FBJ meeting was illegal, check the Freedom Front Plus membership. If there are no blacks, the HRC should tell it what it told the FBJ, and if possible, disband it.

Joseph Peter Kgomo, Pretoria West