Onslaught on Christianity

I read the letter "False prophets profit nobody" with great interest.

I read the letter "False prophets profit nobody" with great interest.

There are things that some Christians, non-Christians and anti-Christians do not understand about Christianity, so they say senseless things. But regardless of what they say and do to discredit us, Christianity remains dominant here and in the world.

Elements want to eliminate Christianity, especially in South Africa, but will fail because it is not a religion, but a way of life guided by laws, commandments and statutes.

Nigeria's Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, an obedient servant of God, cannot heal, only God can.

The church does not promise development, jobs, education or housing. God does, and He has made a decree with us.

Churches do not want anyone's money, but God commanded that we give, to receive from Him, so that His word can be preached all over the world.

At Pastor Chris' meetings there are business, middle class and poor people, who seek to hear God's word and give meaning to their lives.

The letter is misdirected, but Christians are not surprised. Christians expect to be persecuted as has happened in the Bible, to Benny Hinn last year, to Jimmy Swaggart in 1995 and to everyone who works for the Lord.

Surprise Mothiba, Member of Christ Embassy, Gauteng