stop gossiping about me please

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

TV presenter and businessman Uyanda Mbuli says she is tired of actor and "joker" Brenda Ngxoli "spreading rumours and gossip" about her.

Apparently Ngxoli, who was recently nominated for an Emmy Award, is spreading rumours that Mbuli was a "Miss Goody Two-Shoes" who had a superiority complex and was nasty towards her behind the scenes of Strictly Come Dancing because she, Ngxoli, was too down to earth for the high-class socialite.

The two were both contenders in SABC2's popular dance spectacular Strictly Come Dancing which ended last month.

Their spat started when Ngxoli told millions of viewers during a live broadcast of the show that she was a better dancer than Mbuli.

A weekend newspaper reported that there was a catfight between the two. This was apparently after Ngxoli had complained to the newspaper's journalist about Mbuli's cattiness.

An angry Mbuli told Sowetan that she was shocked that "Brenda would continue saying things about me after she had earlier apologised for talking about me.

"When she apologised she said she had meant it as a joke. There is no room for competition between us. As a black sister she has my full support in whatever she does," said Mbuli.

Mbuli said that the only thing that had brought "the two of us together was Strictly Come Dancing. Now that it's over, let us hope that she will stop talking about me".

When asked to comment, Ngxoli said: "I don't like talking about other people. I don't believe in rumours and therefore I will not comment."