Criticism may lead to war with God

The article "Fake healer or faith healer" on Friday refers.

The article "Fake healer or faith healer" on Friday refers.

I'm not a member of Christ Embassy but was at the stadium on the Night of Bliss.

I would like to give South Africans a different view of what happened on March 28.

Thousands of South Africans and people from other countries were at the Johannesburg Stadium from as early as 6am. Among the people were those:

lWho wanted to hear the word of God and see Pastor Chris performing "his" miracles;

lWho wanted to see Jesus Christ using a man to reveal the goodness of God;

lWho wanted the means to criticise the foreigners (Nigerians in particular); and

lWho wanted to be healed.

People on their sickbeds were brought in for healing and an ambulance brought a dying man to be healed.

People turned the stadium into a healing centre, filled with people from many different Christian denominations.

If what the anonymous sources claim is true, how do they justify the thousands of other people who were healed that night?

God works by faith and not everyone will get healed, as it was during the time of Jesus Christ.

The main reason for healing is to prove that Christ is alive today. People should stop criticising or they might find themselves at war with God.

Zama Tyuwa