Website bug hits local celebrities

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The worldwide web has been embraced as a powerful tool to make big bucks and create publicity stunts.

Publicity-obsessed local celebrities have embraced the opportunity to share with fans their private lives as well as exploiting its business opportunities.

However, a review of celebrity websites of some leading showbiz personalities in South Africa shows that some of the postings are as crazy as their personalities.

Sometimes it's mundane, self-indulgent and narcissistic, at other times sharing titbits about incidents in their lives that have not yet grabbed the attention of the tabloids.

Sowetan browsed throw the websites of some of this country's public figures to find out what it is they are hiding from tabloids that they would rather share with their fans through their sites.

Socialite, TV presenter and businesswoman Uyanda Mbuli's website,, is an interesting mix of intimate details about her life, her high social life and the history of how she became a business-driven personality. The site shows sexy pictures of her with celebrities during a trip to the US, and photographs of her when she was Mrs Globe SA.

Poet Lebo Mashile's website,, is well-done in terms of marketing herself as a poet. On the website, she describes herself as "a wordsmith extraordinaire, a visual verbalist and an icon of modern poetry".

Generations actress Connie Ferguson's website,, has her profile, a good selection of pictures and information about the fragrance range that she has launched.