More victims come forward

Moroka Swallows director and general secretary Charles Makhubu is a shyster who has no regard for the law, says his alleged victim.

Moroka Swallows director and general secretary Charles Makhubu is a shyster who has no regard for the law, says his alleged victim.

Three weeks ago we reported that Makhubu swindled Patricia Madlala out of R82000 after promising to sell her a house.

After the Consumer Line report, 10 other people claimed Makhubu also defrauded them.

Madlala, a divorced mother of three, needed a home after her divorce.

She could not occupy the first house she had bought because the occupant refused to move out.

Madlala sold the house for R83000, then started looking for another property.

She stayed with a friend, whose daughter worked as a clerk at Makhubu's MC Properties in Mofolo, Soweto.

Madlala said her friend's daughter introduced her to Makhubu, who agreed to sell her a house.

She paid R1200 for a deed of sale and two days later Makhubu asked for a further R15300 for the house and administration fees. She paid it and received proof of payment.

Four days later Makhubu wanted another R5350. She paid it, but was not given a receipt. Within 15 days she had paid him R78000 in eight instalments.

Consumer Line earlier published a picture of a house with which Makhubu had allegedly ripped another client of.

Another homeowner, Gladys Dlamini, also alleged that Makhubu had defrauded her.

Dlamini said she had decided to sell her 11-roomed house and move in with the eldest of her six children because she was ageing.

When Dlamini advertised her house, Makhubu approached her, posing as an agent for Mashigo Properties in Soweto.

She did not question his credentials when Makhubu said he held shares in Moroka Swallows.

Dlamini said she wanted R650000 for her house. Makhubu decided to sell it for R700000.

She said that no one wanted to buy it for the higher price and Makhubu offered to rent the house from her as offices. She agreed.

Dlamini said Makhubu was "a jackal in a sheep's coat".

"He did not pay rent the first month and knocked me off my feet when he offered to buy my house and pay it off by February at R3000 a month," Dlamini said.

But each month he told her a different story, including that he was paying large medical bills for his mother who was dying of cancer. When she suspected that he was lying, she hired a lawyer. Makhubu ignored the lawyer's letter of demand.

"When my attorney arranged to lock him out of my house, he disappeared with my rent and house keys," she said.

Though Dlamini has reclaimed her house, she only has access to the kitchen because Makhubu has the keys for the rest of the house. She also said that he had damaged the garden on which she had spent a fortune.

"Please tell the bosses of Moroka Swallows to tell him to bring back my keys," Dlamini said.

Joyce Moletsane, a taxi owner in Rustenburg, said Makhubu was not only a fraudster who targeted women, but had no respect for the law.

Moletsane said Makhubu disappeared with her R20000 deposit for a minibus. She got a court order, but Makhubu defied it.

"I tried to apply for attachment of his property, but was unsuccessful because he has abandoned his Booysens office," said Moletsane.