Family in the dark

Pertunia Ratsatsi and Tebogo Monama

Pertunia Ratsatsi and Tebogo Monama

The family of the mother who left her six-month-old baby with a domestic worker were unaware that she was missing.

Owam's mother Nomvuyo Williams, 35, left her child with with her domestic, Vuyokazi Ngqoleka, 37, on March 1.

She told the domestic she was going to Gold Reef City.

Williams' mother, Eleanor, said they were told about Nomvuyo's disappearance by friends in Pretoria after they read the story in Sowetan.

"She likes casinos," Eleanor said. "Even when she comes home she always goes to casinos. I do not know what is wrong with my daughter.

"What is going to happen to Owam now?"

Williams has two other children of 14 and 18 who live with their grandmother.

"They are quite distressed that their mother has gone missing," Eleanor said.

She said that she would send Nomvuyo's sister to pick up the child next week.

In another twist, Owam was taken in by Tembisa social welfare.

Tembisa social services director Wilhelmina Sedibe said: "You Sowetan journalists are devils. You never let go off a story.

"We do not have to tell you anything. We want nothing to do with you or your pictures, so stop calling us."

Ngqoleka said: "I am so relieved that they took the baby, now I will have time to find a job."

At the time of her disappearance Williams was wearing black jeans, a brown-and-cream top, and a wig. Ngqoleka has reported Williams as a missing person to the police.

Williams, who rented a flat in Kempton Park, has been missing for 11 days now.

The landlady locked the flat on Monday because Williams had not paid last month' s rent.

The landlady, who would not identify herself, said she was going to keep William's belongings until the money was paid.