Pathologist tells of gruesome deaths

Dudu Busani

Dudu Busani

The Johannesburg high court yesterday heard of the gruesome way the Jeppestown massacre victims were killed.

Forensic pathology specialist, Shakira Holland, who conducted a postmortem on three of the dead bodies taken from the Jeppestown house, testified that all three bodies had multiple gunshot wounds so severe that it took them only seconds to die after being shot.

Holland said the first body had more than eight gunshot wounds, two in the chest, one that ripped through the left lung and went into the heart. The ribs were crushed on both sides by two bullets, while other wounds were found on all limbs.

She said the second body had a bullet stuck in the head. The deceased had also been shot in the mouth, and the stomach and abdomen "were in shambles".

The third victim was shot in the ear, the bullet went straight to the brain. His face, chest, stomach and legs were also riddled with bullets.

"The injuries show they died only seconds after being shot," she said.

Holland was testifying in the trial of 12 men and a woman who allegedly robbed a Pick 'n Pay supermarket in June 2006.