You need a passion and drive for excellence

The only thing that separates a good consultant from a bad one is passion and drive for excellence.

A good consultant is always knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting in.

That is where the difference lies.

Nowadays, everyone can claim to be a consultant. To set yourself apart from the rest you need to discover what your gift is.

Think about things that fulfil and interest you.

Consider the following before you get deep into the consulting industry:

What certification and licence do you need? Depending on your profession, you may need special certification or a special licence before you can begin operating as a consultant.

Are you well qualified to become a consultant? Before you get excited about someone knocking at your door to hire you, make sure you have the necessary qualifications to do the job.

How are your organisational and planning skills? Your answer to this question must be positive and if not, then consulting is not for you.

What are your long-term and short-term goals? Do they allow for you to become a consultant? If your goals do not match up with the time and energy it takes to open and successfully build a consulting business, then reconsider before making any move in this direction.