claims of sex favours, graft by metro cops

COMPLAINTS: Edna Mamonyane. PIc. Tladi Khuele. 04/02/05. © Sowetan.
COMPLAINTS: Edna Mamonyane. PIc. Tladi Khuele. 04/02/05. © Sowetan.

Simon Nare

Simon Nare

A tale of sex-for-favours and bonking among colleagues has emerged in the upper echelons of the Johannesburg Metro police department.

Spokesman Edna Mamonyane has confirmed that "lots" of complaints had been lodged with the department relating to sexual harassment.

Such cases were not fully dealt with by the department because complainants were not coming forward and witnesses were pulling out during internal processes, she said.

"In a department as big as this we have men and women working together.

"Allegations of that nature have been laid yes, and some people feel that the department was not doing anything about these.

"If that is how they feel, there are channels which they can follow," she said.

Sowetan was told that the man who is supposed to lead the fight against ill-discipline in the department is himself facing charges of rape.

The chief of internal affairs, Amon Kganyago, had his case for allegedly raping a subordinate reinstated in court after it was withdrawn for lack of evidence last year.

And now more officers have called Sowetan, alleging that Kganyago was asking sexual favours from junior officers to overlook bribery claims.

Mamonyane said she was not aware of such allegations.

She, however, confirmed that a senior official was this week fired for alleged sexual harassment.

It is alleged that the official, Thami Chane, and three others walked into a bathroom where women officers from the bike unit were taking a shower.

Chane and the others allegedly fondled the women officers.

Two of Chane's accomplices have since joined the provincial traffic department.

Chane faced the blame alone and was dismissed this week.

Women officers who spoke to Sowetan described their male colleagues as perverts or sexy-crazy.

They said two officers allegedly forced themselves on a schoolgirl in a patrol car in Eldorado Park.

The officers then took pornographic pictures and distributed them to colleagues.

Two officers had been dismissed.

In another case, an officer allegedly kidnapped a 13-year-old girl from Natalspruit, Ekurhuleni, and forced himself on her in a patrol car next to Ellis Park Stadium.

A criminal case was opened by the girl but was later withdrawn. The officer has been reinstated.

"Many women officers have left the department because nothing is being done when they report these cases.

"Most are scared to come forward for fear of victimisation. The problem is that the person who is supposed to uphold discipline, Kganyago, is the main culprit," said one.

Sowetan understands that many women officers are keeping their fingers crossed that Kganyago should be found guilty of the rape charge.