Soft drinks land DJ in court

George "Spunky" Faku. © Unknown.

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Popular former Radio Grahamstown deejay and socialite, George "Spunky" Faku, appeared in court on Monday.

Faku, pictured, appeared in the Grahamstown magistrate's court for the alleged theft of soft drinks from a local supermarket last December.

The 36-year-old gospel presenter was allegedly caught on camera putting the drinks in his bag. The total cost of the soft drinks was allegedly R22.

He was arrested and taken to the Grahamstown police station, where he spent Christmas behind bars. He was reportedly released on R500 bail.

Faku's case was postponed to May 26 for further investigation, to the annoyance of members of the public who were in court.

The case had tongues wagging in the Grahamstown township of Joza, where Faku is a respected evangelist at the Rock of Ages Church.

A former colleague who did not wish to be named told Sowetan that while some people were annoyed by what he did, others pitied him.

"He is so spiritual. Everybody thought highly of him. He goes around telling people about the coming of Jesus, but his own life is a disgrace. Nobody listens to him anymore. Others pity him because he is now unemployed," said another former colleague.

Another source alleged that Faku was a kleptomaniac. He said this was not the first time the former deejay had been arrested. He had allegedly been arrested before for stealing a copy of the local newspaper, Grocott's Mail. After this incident, Faku was allegedly banned from their newsroom.

Grocott's Mail general manager Louise Vail confirmed that Faku was banned from their newsroom, "not for stealing but for his behaviour".

Faku told Sowetan that people had already written about the "unfortunate incident. I have nothing to say".