Mixed reaction to dress attack

Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

Ordinary people on the streets sympathise with Nwabisa Ngcukana, the 25-year-old woman who was stripped and sexually molested by taxi drivers at Johannesburg's Noord Street taxi rank on Sunday - but also stress that women should dress properly.

Katse Mosia, a taxi driver at Highgate shopping centre, said such things only happened at Noord Street.

"Such things do not happen at Baragwanath (taxi rank). She is only a child.

"How could a group of grown-up men do this to her in full view of strangers?" asked Mosia.

He also said that people in the olden days used to wear traditional gear that exposed their breasts, lower body and thighs without fear of being attacked.

"What the taxi drivers did to her was wrong, finish and klaar.

"But what kind of parent would let their child dress like that?" asked David Zulu.

A woman who identified herself only as Mrs Ntilane said today's constitutional rights were out of line.

"I am old-fashioned, and I do hate what she went through.

"But women should respect the community, which in turn would respect them," said MmaNtilane.

Lerato Mmobi said Nwabisa had a right to dress they way she wanted.

"Those taxi drivers should be arrested.

"This woman has every right to wear a short skirt. She's still young and beautiful. I think they were jealous of her, that is all," said Mmobi

Lize Mthombeni said: "What can we say? The skirt is too short and, unfortunately, there are worse incidences where grown-up women dress like that.

"We see them every day. Maybe there should be a petition to stop this. I do not condone what they did, and I hope she recovers from that traumatic encounter," said Mthombeni.