pupil loses his eye

Penwell Dlamini

Penwell Dlamini

A Grade 10 pupil lost his eye during a fight with a classmate at Mncube High School in Mofolo, Soweto, last week.

Vincent Tshabalala, 18, was stabbed by a class representative and classmate on Wednesday after an argument.

"Some boys were singing during the IsiZulu lesson when they were not supposed to.

A girl pupil was then asked to bring a cane and we were caned for singing, but I was not among those who were singing," said Vincent.

He said one of his friends then suggested that the girl be relieved of her duties as a class representative. Vincent said when he supported his friends idea, The girl threatened to deal with him after school.

After classes, Vincent found her and a friend waiting for him outside the school gate.

"She started to slap me, and I ignored her but when she did it for the third time I fought back."

The 15-year-old then allegedly stabbed Vincent in his right eye during the fight between the two pupils.

But one of the teachers quickly stopped the fight and afterwards spanked the two pupils.

On seeing that Vincent was injured, his uncle advised the boy to return to school and report the incident.

The vice-principal was still at school so he took Vincent to Mofolo Clinic.

But staff at the clinic transferred Vincent to St John's Eye Hospital where he was admitted.

"On Friday my son underwent surgery and doctors removed his eye," said his mother, Nomthandazo Tshabalala.

School principal, a Mr Phakathi, said: "The incident took place outside the school premises but we have informed the department of education as a formality."

Phakathi said they had a meeting with both families over the incident. The girl's family was willing to pay for medical bills incurred, but the other family wanted to report the matter to the the police.

Police spokesman Captain Mpande Khoza confirmed that a case of assault was opened on Friday and that police had already launched investigations into the matter.