Rootz undergoes revamp

Patience Bambalele

After months of speculation, the future of the African traditional musical Rootz has been sealed.

For months the future of the show was rumoured to be hanging in the balance, but now it has been decided that it will continue.

Ali Mpofu, producer of the show, has assured followers that Rootz is still part of the SABC programming.

"The season of Rootz has ended but we are taking a break and will be back on air in July. We need enough time to conduct research to improve the content of the show."

In the absence of Rootz, a new show called Moribo: Rhythms of Africa, produced by well-known playwright and producer, Jerry Mofokeng, will take over.

For the coming 12 weeks, SABC Mzansi Fo Sho will be flighting Rootz repeats. The new show starts on April 27 and will be flighted until October.

Mofokeng told Sowetan that his show Moribo will focus on a few things that were not addressed by Ezodumo and Rootz.

"Firstly, we want to go to the people. We will be shooting our own videos in the areas where people live. We will have a slot where we will celebrate the life of a certain artist. We want to give indigenous music the respect it deserves."

He said they want to use Moribo as a medium that takes the best elements of television to transport song and dance to each other.

Mofokeng pointed out that Moribo will alternate with Rootz.

"We have shot 26 episodes and when the season ends we will take a break and Rootz will take over. Moribo will be presented by a young and multi-lingual person," was all Mofokeng was prepared to say at this stage about the presenter.