Seeing the world through rose-coloured lenses

Tsale Makam

Be a better parent. That's one of the three resolutions I dared to make this year. I'm not a bad parent, but there's always room for improvement.

Improvement such as . pay more attention to my child's "funny" stories, be stricter and firmer on certain issues, stick to a better homework schedule, fetch her glasses. The glasses have been waiting at the optometrist's for the past two months. True to my resolution, I phone and make an appointment to collect them.

Before the child welfare crowd arrest me for child neglect, I have a good reason for not fetching the glasses. I cannot imagine my nine-year-old child in glasses. Simple as that. I'm in denial.

My optometrist played psychologist when he saw my distress. He said most parents were in denial about their young ones needing to wear glasses.

I had hoped those eye exercises would help. But no such luck. In the meantime, my daughter is complaining her left eye's blurry. So glasses it is. I'm not thrilled at this, but I quickly berate myself and count my blessings.

There is nothing wrong with glasses. I should know. I've worn glasses since Std 9 (Grade 11).

Glasses have never impaired my life in any way. Except on the few occasions that I tried to make eyes at a guy and realised too late that my efforts may have gone unnoticed because of the reflection from my glasses.

And recently my eyes and contacts decided they are enemies, so I'm at the gym with glasses.

My child is oblivious to such worries. She's excited and looking forward to wearing glasses. Firstly, because she's going to be like mommy; secondly, because she's going to be like her friend Kamilla. Note to self: Should give her some lessons on individuality.

My daughter couldn't stop smiling as she sat in the chair to have her eyes tested. Choosing a frame upped her excitement levels even more. And yes, we decided on plastic lenses.

The optometrist said she does not have to wear them all the time. Personally, I think the best place for a child's glasses is on his or her face. Or, they might get lost, fall and break, be accidentally sat on, stepped on, and so on. Believe me, I'm bracing myself .