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Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

South African music fans are always looking for the next big thing, and it appears they have it in three newcomers - Tina, Phumeza and Bucie.

The three are promising, and are surely going to be hot stars. They made their first appearances at the launch of the Queen of Dancecompetition last year in individual performances. The stars not only wowed the fans but later attracted interest from many promoters.

Bucie, who shot to fame with her Ngicel' indoda hit, says there is barely a week when she is not performing.

"The Queen of Dancecompetitionopened many doors for me. It drew media attention and fans for me. I have appeared on Live, YO.TV, Noted and many other shows since the competition."

Bucie is also known for her bewitching and seductive dance moves accompanied by savvy lyrics that make male fans hot and sweaty.

And the blonde Tina rocks too. Her body is something to write home about and her dance moves are not bad either. Neither are her vocals.

Producer DJ Oskido, who is also her producer, says Tina is the next Lebo Mathosa.

"She is hot and the market has received her very well. She has also proved to be a crowd-puller. Fans are crazy about her."

Phumeza, though shy and reserved, also stirred some water in the music industry. The beautiful musician shot to fame when she first debuted as a model.

Body moves are not her strong point, but her pretty face and good vocals are a force to reckon with.