a HOMELY surprise

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

Gospel sensation Sipho Makhabane delivered a huge belated Christmas gift to his family on Saturday.

Makhabane drove his wife Grace and family to a fully furnished double storey house in Kensington under the pretence that they were going to a party.

Grace unknowingly walked into their new home. As she was taken on a tour of the palatial home, a suitably impressed Grace was shocked out of her skull when she bumped into a room full of people who screamed: "Surprise, welcome to the new Makhabane home!"

With disbelief and shock etched on her face, Grace stood rooted to a spot in the private lounge upstairs while her husband beamed from ear to ear.

Obliging family and friends Makhabane said: "I am a hard worker who is hardly ever home. I have been on the road for 15 years but not once did I get a complaint from my wife. She is extremely supportive! That's why I thought of giving her this surprise."

A dumbstruck Grace said: "I guess I am grateful to my husband for the surprise and to God for enabling him to do this for me. I appreciate the way he has looked after me and my family. May he continue in this path."