SACP aids poor family

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

The South African Communist Party in Limpopo has donated food, clothes and money to the family of a man who was found murdered on a farm after he had gone hunting.

The Mkhari family, believed to be among the poorest in Limpopo, said they could afford to smile after receiving the donation. They said they viewed it as a Christmas gift.

They were given food, new clothes and R2600 cash.

The SACP provincial chairman, Tsheko Musolwa, also revealed yesterday that the party had adopted the family after Mkhari was killed.

"We were touched by the family's situation and the way in which the breadwinner was killed. We felt it was proper to donate something for Christmas.

"We have a programme in the SACP called 'know your neighbor'. The programme requires us to know the problems faced by our neighbours and then decide how to help them.

"The clothes and money were donated by members of the executive committee in Mopane. It is our tradition to help where help is needed," said Musolwa.

The Mukhari family experienced hardship after the family's breadwinner, Richard Mkhari, was killed. He was killed on Vygeboom farm, outside Prisca village. At the time of his death Mkhari had five children with his wife Rosina Mukhabukhi.

Soon after his death, his first daughter, Maria Mukhabukhi, died. She died after suffering from prolonged tuberculosis. Maria's husband also died a week after his wife's death. The couple had five children, bringing the number of children in the household to nine.

Five of the children are suffering from what appears to be malnutrition. The other three had dropped out of school because of their health conditions. After a long time since the death of her husband and daughter, Rosinah smiled yesterday after receiving the new clothes and money.

"This is like a dream come true. After all these months, I had thought my family would turn into a laughing stock of the village. But instead, I am smiling. Thanks to the SACP for their thoughtful donation, at the right time. I will use the money to buy additional grocery and clothes for the children," she said with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks.

But Mkhari's woes are not over. The children are unable to access child support grants because of an ID mix-up. The family is also unable to receive food parcels because the ward councillor had allegedly sent them from pillar to post.