Threat of corruption charge a hard nut for ANC

Eric Naki

Eric Naki

The question of dealing with Zuma or taking action against him for corruption charges that he may face in future is a very difficult one for the ANC.

This was the view of ANC secretary-general Kgalema Motlanthe when he addressed the media at the party's national conference held at the University of Limpopo, outside Polokwane, yesterday.

Asked what the ANC would do if Zuma was charged, Motlanthe said it is difficult to work with allegations because Zuma had not yet been charged.

"This issue is very difficult to deal with. There are many people who may face allegations and those allegations have to be tested first," said Motlanthe.

It will be difficult for the ANC to act on the basis of allegations in the case of Zuma until he is charged.

Motlanthe expressed concern that the Zuma issue had not been handled well, adding that the matter had been dragging on.

"These are things that could be handled better. If someone is to be charged, there should be no forewarning. In the case of Zuma it is very strange because this matter goes on and on and on, it is never ending," said Motlanthe.

He said allegations of corruption against Zuma should not be something "to speculate about".

Motlanthe said the ANC's finances were "very positive".

Regarding policy, Motlanthe said the ANC's basic economic policies would not change.

"Policy will not change in areas where investors are concerned."

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